Dual Steer Conversion

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With the introduction of Whole Vehicle Type Approval, modifications to HGV’s are now a nervous topic for a lot of Truck Dealers. This Dual Steer conversion by ASTRA VEHICLE TECHNOLOGIES Ltd in Ellesmere Port shows that it is still very much possible to alter vehicles as long as it is done by a competent company and the conversion is properly documented. Astra have recently been awarded a model report for their DAF LF Euro6 Range and has a pending report due on the Mercedes Atego Range. In addition to this they are due to start development on the IVECO Euro Cargo for both the UK and Australian Markets.

Dual steer conversions are a common requirement for either line marking or road sweeper type applications and can be completed from either LHD or RHD base vehicles, in manual or auto gearbox variants.


Dual Steer 3

Dual Steer 3

This Astra specialist vehicle engineering project is possibly the most advanced dual steer conversion currently produced. Within the conversion Astra has developed solutions which can be extended across a range of chassis platforms.

  • AGCS (Astra Gear Control System) is a novel and design protected twin gear lever mechanism, with centralised placement of high / low range selection and parking brake. Additional optional central placement of radio and tacho for driver convenience.
  • AKIS (Astra Key Insertion System) uniquely provides minimal driver intervention to select between LHD and RHD control. NO different keys or add on control boxes are required. Introduction of the original OEM door / ignition key placed into either ignition switch will initiate drive side selection. All normal driver controls including power steering, cruise control, direction indicators, wipers, lights, horn, throttle, brakes and clutch are all now activated for the drive side selected, with the other side disabled for safety. Also, can be integrated with a retrofit keyless entry system.
  • ASCS (Astra Safety Control System) Returns all controls back to the original drive side, so dealers can identify and repair any standard vehicle control issues.
  • OEM parts Astra have achieved more than 90% OEM parts usage in this conversion. The Astra installed additional steering column is fully adjustable for driver comfort and all dashboard instruments on the conversion side are identical to the original vehicle for easy operator and service personnel recognition.


Dual Steer 4
Dual Steer 4

Working Very Closely with the Engineering Teams at DAF and Mercedes Benz Astra Vehicle Technologies have now been awarded a Model Report for their premium conversion.

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