Astra Vehicle Technologies emission control products include:-

  • Diesel oxidation catalysts
  • SCR –selective catalytic reduction catalysts
  • Adastra–FBC regenerated diesel particulate filters

On & off highway
Gen set

  • Adastra-cCRFcatalysedcontinuously regenerating filter systems
  • On highway trunking applications

Astra also supply complete Stainless Exhaust and Air Intake Systems to our customer unique requirements.

Adastra™ Fuel Borne Catalyst regenerated filter systems suitable for all applications but particularly tolerant of low exhaust temperature applications.

Adastra FBC DPF Technology


The Adastra™ FBC DPF Diesel Particulate Filtration system:
• Award winning environmental technology – North West Business awards – 2004

Audited by Energy Savings Trust (EST) & accredited for supply to:

  • The London Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
  • To meet the requirements of the 2008 Scottish Government exhaust gas reduction programme
  • Construction sites working to the London – Best Practice Guide for off highway plant & equipment (NRMM – non road mobile machinery)

* A VERT approved technology, achieving a minimum 80% TPM reduction and no increase in unregulated emissions (uncatalysed)

* A VCA approved technology for retrofit to Euro II or older technologies to achieve RPC scheme reduced VED

* More than 1000 installations (UK and Denmark)


Adastra FBC DPF data sheet

The Technology

The Adastra™ FBC DPF Diesel Particulate Filtration system

* An active regeneration diesel particulate filter system, achieving 90-95% total particulate mass reduction
* Particle count reduced by 99%
* Fuel Borne Catalyst regenerated
* Secondary “active” regeneration of the filter for low operating temperatures
* Almost total elimination of NO2
* Total NOx reduced
* CO & Hc regulated emissions reduced 60/70%

™ Adastra DPF is a registered trademark, manufactured under licence from Innospec Specialty Chemicals

Process Diagram

The Adastra™ DPF Process

  • Fuel entering the engine is treated with a liquid catalyst
  • During combustion engine out carbon is catalysed
  • Engine out carbon is collected and periodically burns away within the silencer located filter


On Highway Installations

The Astra Diesel Particulate Filter systems

Horizontal DPF – fitted to MAN18-220

Vertical DPF – fitted to CF85.340

Under slung DPF – fitted to MAN Euro 3 Citybus



Astra FBC DPF technical manual pdf

Astra CCRF Technology continuously regenerating diesel particulate filter (or trap) for heavy commercial vehicles & buses on long haul or mixed duty cycle use.

Astra CCRF Technology

The Astra cCRF system is a second generation continuously regenerating diesel particulate filter (or trap) for heavy commercial vehicles & buses.

Astra cCRF employs a “passive” regeneration method requiring no additives, thus utilising using advanced gas exchange techniques. During normal vehicle operation, frequent excursions to high exhaust temperatures, allow the activity of a precious metal coated catalyst to oxidise NO to NO2. NO2 subsequently acts as the catalyst to ensure that soot particles combust as they are collected in the filter.

Astra cCRF systems are truly “second generation” technology as they employ a combination of the latest high activity, fast reacting stainless steel oxidation catalysts, with the proven durability of high efficiency Silicon Carbide particulate filters. Astra cCRF filters are also zone coated with a proprietary combination of base and precious metals to enhance regeneration reliability and NOx performance.



Key Features
Passive regeneration without additives

Fast reacting stainless steel pre catalyst achieving gaseous reductions:

  • CO > 90%
  • HC > 90%
  • NO to NO2 shift <20%

150 cpsi zone coated silicon carbide filter achieves:

  • PM mass reduction > 90%
  • PM count reduction > 99%
  • Electronic back pressure and dat recording monitor, provides servicing alerts to the user


Astra cCRF data sheet pdf


Astra cRF technical manual pdf

Off highway (London Best Practice / NRMM Directive) Gen set (CHP & Tri-generation exhaust treatment) Flow through (non blocking) filters

Other Emission Control Applications

Off Highway Plant Installation


The Adastra™ DPF – Diesel Particulate Filtration system:

  • EST approved for supply to construction sites observing the requirements of the London best practice guidance (non road mobile machinery directive)

Gen set (CHP & Tri-generation exhaust treatment)


Plant room/diesel gen set CHP exhaust treatment systems

  • E- Biofuel or En590 diesel compatible
  • Base metal coated Silicon Carbide substrates, providing 90% TPM (mass) & 99.9% particle count reduction efficiencies
  • Located close to turbo outlet, will increase exhaust temp available to heat exchanger, providing increase in heat exchanger efficiency of ~5%
  • CO & HC reductions of 60-70%
  • NO2 almost totally eliminated
  • Overall reduction in total NOx (~5%)
  • Self regenerating above 450°C
  • Back pressure monitoring & control via engine management system can ensure regeneration conditions maintained
  • FBC assistance to regeneration can be added – if required

Gas Turbine CHP 

Plant room gas turbine CHP exhaust silencer systems

  • Stainless steel double skinned & insulated
  • Low back pressure sound attenuator
  • Modular system with “V” clamp interconnections
  • Available with or without exhaust treatment
  • Plant room assemblies


Flow through (non blocking) particulate filter


  • On/Off highway & gen set sizes and configurations
  • Low back pressure non blocking performance, achieving filtration efficiencies up to ~ 60%
  • Catalytic coatings to provide CO / HC reduction
  • NOx neutral

London Low Emission Zone

Astra emission control systems are accredited by Transport for London for retrofit to vehicles affected by stage 4 of the LEZ HGV’s >3.5T, buses and coaches. (LEZ Guide)

The alternatives for compliance are

1. Change vehicle for a newer model (minimum Euro 4 emission standard 2006 model year or younger)

2. Retrofit an approved emission control device

Astra have two fully approved retrofit options, the Adastra FBC DPF system and the Astra cCRF system, which cover all affected vehicle types >3.5T GVW. See our Guide to filter system selection for an explanation on the product choices Astra recommend.

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