Reducing the need for vehicle movements, Astra Vehicle Technologies is a leading UK supplier to the commercial vehicle sector. We provide both custom stainless steel exhaust systems and specialist vehicle engineering services. Astra provides a one stop shop approach for specialist vehicle engineering, with solutions available for a wide range of OEM Chassis and Models

Services Offered Include:

Wheelbase Extensions & Reductions (standard to standard)


  • A stock chassis may need to be modified from it’s original OE build specification to an alternative longer or shorter wheelbase length, standard to the manufacturer.
  • Astra’s approach to this requirement is to ensure that the original manufacturer’s specifications are maintained within the alterations completed.
  • Taking this approach may include changing overhang length and prop shafts, but ensures that the final build specification matches body builder design information from the OE, avoiding possible body builder or service issues.


  • Extend the wheelbase of a DAF FA LF45.160 from 3150mm standard chassis length to 4300mm (also a DAF standard).
  • Extend the rear overhang from 1650mm to 2320mm,
to match the longer DAF build specification.
  • Match the prop shaft configuration of the longer build
specification, changing from single shaft to a DAF
 Monotron two prop system.


Similar modifications available for all makes.

Astra will also be pleased to quote for design & supply of specialist non standard length wheelbase alterations.

Additional Axles & Air Suspension Systems – Heavy Duty

Options include:

  • Mid lift axles
  • Tag axles – single or twin wheel
  • Steerable
  • Heavy haulage axles
  • Standard to narrow track
  • Wheel sizes 17.5″, 9.5″ & 22.5″
  • Heavy duty air suspensions
  • Rubber suspensions


Astra are authorised to supply and install axle systems for the following manufacturers:




Air Suspension Systems – Lightweight (to 7.5T GVW)

Air assist systems

Air assist systems provide extra support for standard leaf or coil springs, providing a smoother ride, more effective braking and vehicle handling – even under heavy loading and adverse road conditions.

Applications include:

  • Vans and light commercial vehicles for passenger transport, disabled persons transport or for the transport of shock sensitive products such as glass.
  • Motor homes, 4 x 4’s and SUV’s
  • Up rates to increase load capacity

Full air systems

The OE suspension system of a commercial or leisure vehicle is removed and replaced with a 2 or 4 wheel air suspension system, air springs, mounting brackets and electronic height control system. All systems supplied and installed by Astra have been developed in conjunction with the OEM (vehicle manufacturer).

Key features:

  • Greatly improves vehicle suspension comfort
  • Improved road handling
  • Lowering facility for easy loading /unloading
  • Constant ride height
  • Kneeling & side levelling facility (motor homes)
  • Multiple ride height settings
  • Up rates to increase load capacity


Astra are authorised to supply and install air suspension systems for the following manufacturers:


Dual Steer Installations


  • To provide full dual controls to a RHD manual transmission commercial vehicle.
  • Including fully adjustable steering assembly, clutch, brake and throttle assemblies, complete with full instrumentation replicating all of the driver facilities of the original driving position.
  • Astra developed AKIS system – an automatic changeover system utilising the original door/ignition key to initiate operation of either drive side, whilst disabling the other side for safety.


  • LHD or RHD base vehicle options
  • Manual or auto transmission base vehicle options
  • Single or twin gear change levers on manual transmission variants
  • Centralised placement of radio and tacho
  • Chassis repackaging to suit application requirements

Existing product designs available for:

  • DAF
  • Iveco
  • Mercedes
  • Renault
  • Volvo


Mini Artic Conversions

Project Objectives:

This type of conversion modifies a standard rigid chassis cab to produce a small articulated tractor unit. Mini artics are particlarly suited to urban, municipal or specialist transporter applications. The combination of a small chassis with an articulated trailer, allows excellent manoeuvrability in confined locations. Additional features can be added to allow multiple body types to be used with a single chassis.

Key feature & options:

  • Self levelling air suspension, raise & lower facilities
  • Standard susie connections for air & electric with options for ‘A’ frame mounting or susie boom
  • Trailer braking fitted as standard
  • Optional cab types: day cab, crew cab, crew cab with sleeper compartment
  • Side skirts with option for body colour coding
  • Catwalk infill options
  • Step & grab handle options
  • Working light options
  • Run up ramp options


Additional Fuel Tank and Catwalk Installations

To release space on the offside of the chassis, to allow installation of additional fuel carrying capacity on a long haul tractor unit.


  1. Air tanks relocated from offside to a central chassis location.
  2. Battery box relocated from offside to a central chassis location.
  3. New custom designed catwalk.
  4. Additional 560 litre fuel tank added to offside c/w balance line.
  5. Standard exhaust system removed from offside and replaced with a nearside located Astra stainless steel vertical system.


ADR & PET Reg. Preparation

Astra offers a full one stop shop approach for vehicles requiring conversion to achieve ADR or Pet Reg. compliance:

  • All levels of ADR (Ex/II, Ex/III, AT, FL, OX)
  • For PET reg vehicles Astra can offer a SLP (safe load pass) & certification

Options can include:

  • Ex approved Radio/CD’s & tacho’s
  • Cab kits – First aid, warning triangles, wheel chocks, hi vis. vests, etc
  • Clear nearside (for body/pump installation)

New designs completed at Astra works for:

  • Fire screens, Astra “pet reg” exhausts, battery covers, etc.


Cab Tilt Mechanisms

Upgraded Cab Tilt Mechanisms


  • Upgrade the hydraulic cab tilt mechanism of a commercial vehicle
  • Often required when the standard cab is modified and in particular when modification increases cab weight
  • Examples include: armoured cabs and sleeper crew cab conversions


  • Design, supply & install upgraded cab tilt mechanism for a DAF FA LF55, to prepare for an armoured cab conversion
  • Install twin hydraulic rams with manual tilt pump (electric option available). Chassis mounted pump located for easy access.
  • Install high visibility cab support stay assembly, to allow safe working when cab is raised
  • Pressure test and commission hydraulic system, fit user instruction labels


Similar modifications available for all makes

Heavy Haulage Conversions

Heavy Haul Conversion – front and rear tow systems


Vehicle Make : DAF
Model : FTT XF105.510
Configuration : 6 x 4
Engine : 510BHP,
Euro 5 Customisation Pt No : AC1302

Project To design & install front and rear mounted heavy haul towing facilities on a DAF FTT XF105.510 incorporating:

  • VRGDB260D heavy duty cross member and
  • Standard 10 bolt fixings used front & rear to allow flexibility with coupling requirements
  • Front & rear 2 line air and electrical connections
  • Heavy duty 5th wheel (Jost)
  • Custom designed heavy gauge striker plate protection.



Similar modifications available for all makes


SVE Case Study – Heavy Haul Conversion – front and rear tow systems

Park Assist System

Front Axle Parking Brake Conversion

Chassis Types:

  • DAF LF Series, 4 x 2 day cab, Euro 6
  • Conversion is applicable or adaptable to all makes

• Applicable to vehicles fitted with:
– rear mounted cranes, – skip loaders,
– hook loaders


This conversion is intended for any vehicle equipped with full air brakes and fitted with accessories which relieve weight from the rear axle, thus reducing or removing the efficacy of the standard rear parking brake.

The modification adds an automatic electro-pneumatic system, that senses the combination of parking brake and PTO operation. On engagement of the parking brake and initiation of the PTO, electrical signals initiate the application of ancillary air braking to the front brake chambers.

Modification features

  • Dashboard mounted indicator to advise operator when activated
  • Automatic operation when the combination of vehicle parking brake and PTO are engaged
  • Fully integrated with OE braking system components
  • OEM standard pneumatic components
  • OEM standard electrical components


Astra is a leading UK supplier to the commercial vehicle sector, providing custom stainless steel exhaust systems and specialist vehicle engineering services.

Astra is qualified bodybuilder partner to Mercedes-Benz Trucks in the UK.

Astra Special Vehicle Engineering will be pleased to provide technical support and parts sales for all products listed.
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